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Shay Mizrahi


Shay Mizrahi

Business and technology expert.


My approach to build the tech brands of tomorrow.

Every creation  in this world start with a vision, big ideas are not different, the second in importance is the people who are the ones with the power to create it in the physical world. If you have both things then we can connect together.

After joining forces we will create a deep strategy built on top level technology and sophisticated long term financial model  with the combination of local and global economic forecasts.

The last stage is to carry on the master plan, I will use the resources of The Global Company to turn the vision into reality.

What's next?

Acceleration: A rapid increase in value improvement.

99% of business owners and CEOs believes that income and revenue are the most important indicators of business success.

But the only important indicator for a rapid acceleration in business is value improvement, which it’s creation is my experience.

– Shay Mirzahi


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What I can do.

Shay Mizrahi can help you and your organization with these subjects.

  • People

    Find the right connections for your goals.

    Shay Mizrahi has many connections and can help you getting to know the right people for your need.

  • Financial modeling

    Need a creative, sophisticated and effective economic and financial model for your project? That is the right time to contact Shay Mizrahi.

  • Strategic branding

    Create a winning brand and get all your design and development needs in one dedicated place with Shay Mizrahi.

  • Smart Marketing strategy

    Marketing Strategy including SEO, Analytics, Creative, Storytelling, UX Copywriting, Google PPC and Social campaigns.

    Shay Mizrahi can help you with promoting yourself or your organization with a full total smart strategy.

  • Business development

    I am experienced in scaling businesses and non-profit projects to their next level.

  • Project acceleration

    Shay Mizrahi can help you with management of teams and internal organizational processes.

  • Digitalization

    As a digital expert entrepreneyr Shay Mizrahi can help you with establishment and management of digital business activities, assets, software, white label and private platforms for any needs of the business.

  • Public sector

    Resource management and work with public organizations.

    Shay Mizrahi worked a lot with the public sector in his country and continue working on public projects including the parliament.

    As the CEO of the students council in his Academic center he worked on a lot of projects with a variety of public figures.

  • Tech development

    Developing custom made tech solutions.

    Shay Mizrahi  is a digital entrepreneur created SaaS projects, online courses and CRMs.

  • Podcasts and media

    Shay Mizrahi is the owner and publisher of the successful podcast: "Berumo Shel Haam" (Can be translated to: "From the People's View") which is a podcast of the young generation point of view about economy, society, technology and more.

    Shay Mizrahi can help with creating podcast and making digital moves that will create successful media mentions.

    Shay Mizrahi  is an expert for personal and business branding on the digital area.



Shay Mizrahi has a colorful and diversified experience of work with private and public sectors, being in sensitivity points of national, security and private projects. Read more here about the experience of Shay Mizrahi.

The Global Company



As the TGC founder and current CEO I am privileged to help, escort and accelerate dozens of special people, businesses, and social projects.

Coordination of Government Activities in the Territories (completed service as a lieutenant)


Budget Officer of the Civil Administration

- The first budget officer of the civil administration, establishing the budget department and implementing new work processes and procedures in a semi-military, semi-public organization with over 1000 employees, daily work interface with 25 government ministries, with an emphasis on the worlds of finance, procurement and projects.

- Management of large public budgets, reaching goals, working with over 1000 suppliers, managing complex excels, working with governmental systems such as Merkava, a permanent member of the tenders committee and jobs, vehicles, allocations, etc.. working closely with The Ministry of Finance of Israel and the Civil Service Commission in these contexts of obtaining a budget, jobs, publicity and representing the organizational / security interest.

- Economic efficiency, technology, monitoring and supervising of projects, field missions in Judea and Samaria and work with government ministries and Palestinian entities.

Coordination of Government Activities in the Territories


Liaison officer for international organizations in the Jordan Valley

Responsible on behalf of the army for liaison with international organizations in the sector, such as the various UN organizations, the IDF, the Carabinieri, USAID and subcontractors. Responsible for the promotion of international projects in the sector and the prevention of water theft in the north of the Jordan Valley.

Coordination of Government Activities in the Territories


NCO Coordination, Liaison and investigates the Palestinian economy

Responsible for significant productions between these years such as the economic magazine of the west bank, the economic calculation of the amount of money transferred each month from Israeli businesses to Palestinian working families and part of the PA's GNP, a research of the Palestinian stock exchange and the identification of important transactions.

- Collection of information, advanced analytical work and submission of clear products to senior command.

- Working with many entities, including security authorities, international economic funds, businessmen, financiers and Palestinian and Israeli entrepreneurs.


Selected Projects.

Read about few selected projects I am leading right now.

My company

Accessible Tech Solutions

Bmeniv Group

First open crypto farm in the Negev


Selected Clients.



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Nice to know

Shay Mizrahi

Personal things to know about me.

It’s important to get to know the people in our life, mostly friends & partners, here are some things you should know about Shay Mizrahi.

  • My love for nature

    Since I was a kid my biggest hobby was exploring nature, to be more specific I love animals and to be even more precise - marine and water animals are my biggest area of interest.

  • Whiskey and Cigars

    It may be sound gentleman's old fashion hobby, I just love exploring new tastes, the journey of learning to identify, differentiate and enjoy such "small" things in life is one of the most amazing processes I have ever been into.

  • Mesoamerican cultures

    I found the Mesoamerican ancient cultures as some of the most interesting areas to explore, from the special old knowledge who 99% of it was destroyed or not found and up to the fascinating philosophy and day to day life.

  • Coffee


  • "New World Is Old"

    This is the name of my playlist, you can listen to it here.


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